Q1 : Why is there water dripping from the Temperature & Pressure Relief Valve drain (T&P Relief Valve)?


a)   Water pressure built-up during the heating process.  Once the water pressure exceeds 150 psi (rating of T&P relief valve), the valve will open to atmosphere

and close again.  It is normal.

b) Excessive incoming cold water pressure.  Reduce incoming cold water pressure (by installing pressure reducing valve).

c)  Water drips even when the heater switched is OFF. The T&P relief valve seat is jammed open by foreign materials such as calcium deposits, sand particles,

etc. Lift up the lever and allow water to flush away the debris.  Repeat a few times and monitor again.  If leaking persists, call RHEEM Service Centre.

d)   If the valve is discharging large amount of very hot water, it may be due to over temperature.  Please call RHEEM Service Centre.

Q2 Why water is not hot after switching ON the heater for some time?

ANS : 

a) Electricity is not supplied to the water heater.  Please check with electrician.

Q3    :  Why hot water runs out quickly?


a) Please allow longer time for heating up.

b)  Usage of hot water may not match heater model installed.

Q4 : Why the ELCB tripped after switching ON the heater?


a) The heating element may be defective.  Please call RHEEM Service Centre.

b)  There may be a current leakage to earth.  Please call RHEEM Service Centre.

Q5 Why is there hissing noise from the heater when it is in operation?

ANS : 

a) If the noise is present and remains for a long period of time, it may be due to scale formation on the element, please call RHEEM Service Centre.