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Rheem is the industry leader, synonymous for total heating, cooling and water heater solutions. Established in the 1920s in San Francisco, California, Rheem has always been in the forefront of technological innovation and manufacturing excellence. Coupled with sound design ergonomics and our commitment towards the green movement, Rheem is well positioned to serve customers all over the world with our renowned hot water systems, suited for your environment, made just for you.

Rheem Manufacturing Company (Singapore) Pte Ltd was established in the 1970s and is a joint venture of Rheem Australia Pty Ltd, Rheem U.S. Holdings, Inc and Paloma Industries Limited. In Singapore, we are engaged in the importation and distribution of high quality gas, electric storage-style water heaters, instant heaters, heat pumps and solar water heating systems throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Rheem water heaters were first introduced to the Singapore market over 30 years ago, when Rheem Manufacturing Company started a steel drum manufacturing business locally. It has since grown into a well recognized household brand, trusted for its high quality and reliability. As the preferred water heater choice among house owners and specifiers in the commercial and residential building market, Rheem is also proud to be among the first to meet tough local Regulatory Standards, maintaining its competitive edge within the industry.

Rheem Singapore is strategically located to serve customers in the region. With warehousing facilities of more than 12000 sq feet and careful monitoring of our inventory levels, delivery of heaters can be arranged at short notice within the Asia Pacific region, ensuring timely delivery for each and every order taken.

With the rapid growth in renewable energies and natural gas usage, Rheem is well positioned to offer its wide range of renewable energy and gas operated water heating products for residential, commercial and industrial applications. These viable energy alternatives are both environmentally friendly and cost effective, in line with Rheem’s dedication in reducing carbon footprints and reducing customer’s energy cost.

Last but not least, Rheem’s full range of residential and commercial air conditioning products are also available for the markets in Asia. All equipments are configured to meet local operating power supply characteristics while maintaining its high North American standards in operation performance and quality construction. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of central heating and cooling products, Rheem is well placed as a world class player in the industry.

Rheem Singapore is committed in our mission, ensuring that all customers come first in service delivery and product satisfaction. You know you are well looked after through our team of highly experienced and dedicated staff… Install a Rheem®

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